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Becoming a Click Pro Benefits

Benefits and Perks of Being a Click Pro

As you are putting together your Click Pro set, maybe spending hours critiquing your work or organizing your set, you might be thinking to yourself… is this even worth it? Or maybe you even feel good about your work and fairly confident you’ll be accepted, but you’re trying to decide if the yearly membership fee is worth it. I’d love to talk through some of the many benefits and perks of being a Click Pro.

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Click Pro Perks and Benefits for Photographers

What You Get When You Become a Click Pro

Here is the “official list” from the Click Pro Photographers website:

  • Membership To Click Community ($60)
  • Private Social Group
  • 1000+ Tutorials
  • Elite Directory Listing ($50)
  • Subscription to Click Magazine ($48)
  • Contributor Account on Daily Project
  • Bonus entry to VOICE Competition
  • Access to Ambassador Program
  • Creative Exercises
  • Exclusive Access to Directors and Editors
  • VIP Discounts
  • Exclusive Classes at Click Away

Let’s walk through what all of this actually means to you!

Click Pro is a sister brand with the Click Community, and as such you get a free forum membership. If this is a membership that you already currently pay for, you can basically offset those costs with your Click Pro membership, because it’s already included. You also get an official “Click Pro” badge beside your profile on the forum. Maybe you had other photographers in your past that guided you as you grew, or you want to even pay that love forward. I promise there is an extra feeling of pride to have that Click Pro badge, and other member’s do look up to you and recognize not on the skill level but also the work that went into getting there.

Community Support with a Private Social Group

We have both a private FB group and a private group on the forum (whichever format you prefer). This group is probably one of my favorite perks. The community is filled with the most amazing, talented and supportive group of women I know! If there is a personal or business experience you are going through, chances are someone else has also been through that and is more than happy to share their experience, and if by chance they haven’t, you now have this AMAZING resources group to help you find the answer!

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1000+ Photography Tutorials

Many of these are available through the Click Community. Almost every topic you could want to learn more about is available at your finger tips, and if the tutorial is not already there, you are encouraged to ask or request it! The Click Community Mentors create new tutorials each and every month and would LOVE nothing more than to hear your ideas and needs. There is also a private Click Pro learning library where all the past webinars and learning topics have video tutorials saved.

As a Click Pro, you also have the opportunity to share tutorials. This can be a great opportunity if you are interested in growing as a photography educator or mentor.

Click Pro Benefits Photography Tutorials and Challenges

Elite Directory Listing for Photographers

This is a resource for clients all over the world to search by location or genre to find and hire professional photographers. I personally LOVE to use the directory when we are traveling as a family for vacation, and I want to hire a photographer I can trust to capture my family while we are there. Don’t take on clients? No problem, there is also a fun area of the directory that is specifically for collaborating with other photographer on personal projects or ideas.

Click Pro Photography Subscriptions

As a Click Pro, you also get a free subscription to Click Magazine – another sister brand. It’s filled with great information and eye candy that any photographer would love. Many of its images and stories are sourced from Click Pros, so if becoming published is one of your goals, this is a great connection to make.

Click Pro Daily Projects

The Click Pro Daily Project was the industry’s first group photography blog and has brought together over two thousand Click Pro Elite photographers. Hundreds of photos are posted daily, and contributors are encouraged to share camera settings and gear information for each image so that the project can become a source not only of inspiring photographs for viewers, but also an educational resource to growing photographers. Big brands like Nikon and Fuji have used the Daily Project to actually find talented artists using their gear and connected with the through the platform to license images or collaborate for future projects. The Daily Project also allows you to backlink to your own website in your profile. The Daily Project is my number one SEO providing backlink because it has been around for so long and has a great domain authority score.

Grab the signup process, application support, and special pricing: FAQS FOR STARTING YOUR CLICK PRO PORTFOLIO

VOICE Photography Competition

VOICE is a celebrated annual photography competition.Through each photographer’s singular lens, VOICE Competition & Collection provides a unique platform for photographers to share real stories, and with more than 40,000 images entered each year, it has become one of the most powerful visual documentations by, of, and for photographers around the world. Check it out here.

Click Pros get bonus entries and often extended time frames to entry the Voice Competition.

Click Pro Benefits Click Pro Magazine

Click Pro Ambassador

Click Pros also have the chance to apply to be an ambassador. As a brand ambassador you can earn affiliate credit, free classes, and a whole list of other benefits.

Creative Exercises for Photographers

Each month Click Pro has a monthly theme with Creative Exercises to help you grow as an artist and challenge you to push yourself. We also share the work in our group, daily project or with a hashtag on social media which is great way to connect with other artists or grow your audience and community.

Access to Click Pro Directors and Editors

Exclusive Access to Directors and Editors. As I’ve mentioned several times above, Click and Co is a collection of sister brands with everything from a magazine, online forum, photography education school, and conferences. Click Pros are recognized as an integral part of this community and their opinions are valued and supported by the entire Click staff.

Click Pro Discounts

Click Pros are often given discounts to purchases for things like Click Away Conference, presets, professional contracts, etc.

Exclusive Classes at Click Away. This is one of my favorite, fairly new perks. At Click Away they have added Click Pro only classes. Great resources for like Business Audits or learning tips on being published or networking. Or my absolute favorite – Why It Works with Sarah Wilkerson. I could go into a whole other discussion about how much I love this class, but it’s just an amazing experience where you get to discuss and absorb the crazy amount of talent in the room and also confidence that you find in your own work as you realize that you are part of this truly Elite group.

The Best Part of Being a Click Pro

Now that I am through the official list, let me tell you what you REALLY get. You can a group of the most amazing, support women and artists you could ask for. I met my very best friend through Click Pro. I have made countless other friends, that truly care about and value me. It’s funny I saw a meme once about how you make friends in your 20s by finding people that share the same interests and values as you, and you make friends in your 30s because they randomly also happen to have kids in the same class or team as yours. Not to knock the other soccer moms, but my Click Pro friends just GET me <3 What started as online, Internet friendships have developed into genuine connection and some of the best memories that I have. I have seen this group rally behind each other when their IG is hacked, they have lost a loved one, or their family is going through a really hard time. These are my people, and I love them dearly!

Becoming a Click Pro Self Paced Course for Photographers on desktop and mobile

Becoming a Click Pro – A Self Paced Course

I know that applying to become a Click Pro Elite can feel intimidating and overwhelming. That is why I created this course. You can have everything you need and more to finally take the next step on becoming a Click Pro…and most importantly, to help you grow as an artist.

Join me here to learn more!

Other Resources for Photographers

I have a few tools in my toolbelt that will help you grow into the photographer you’ve always wanted to be!  Whether you are prepping to be a Click Pro Elite or you are just ready to start leveling up and making new goals check out these resources to help you grow!

DOORS NOW OPEN: Becoming A Click Pro

The Click Community

Must Have Tools for your Photography Business

What’s in my Bag – Cameras, Lenses, and More

Fearless Indoor Light – a Self-Paced course

Indoor Light Challenge

Film Challenge
(for the challenges, you must be in the Click Community)

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