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ClickPro Elite, Click Community Mentor, and Photographer. I am also a mom of three, a database geek, and I love Film Photography and Video.

Lori pickens photography and education

Meet Lori

While I am a Click Pro Ambassador and Click Community Mentor, this specific course is in no way affiliated with the Click and Co brand. You do NOT have to take this course prior to applying for Click Pro, and in purchasing this course, you are not given any formal preference or advantage to applying to Click Pro other than the knowledge and skills you come away with. I will not be scoring your official application, nor will I have any say over whether you are or are not accepted into Click Pro Elite. I put this course together in order to help guide those going through the process in a more streamlined approach because I truly believe in the support of the Click Pro community and want to see all of my photographer friends grow and reach that milestone if that is their personal goal.