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As 2024 Q2 begins, it’s once again time for a short reflection ritual I do at the start of every quarter. Prepping for Q2 Quarterly Planning – Grab your favorite drink, some quiet time, and your planner or calendar of choice.   Carve out some time – whether that’s 30 minutes or a whole day […]

Maximize Your Spring Season: Q2 Planning Guide for Photographers

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Welcome to your Spring Mini Session Sign Up! I have multiple studios sets designed that you can choose between, of pick multiple if time allows. We also have some great outdoor spots available on the farm if you prefer that. If you would like to do BOTH the studio and the farm, I recommend booking […]

Lori Pickens Photography | Spring Mini Sessions

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Photographer looking at her camera screen and has her laptop open editing images.
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Welcome back to Photo Goals with Lori Pickens. Today, I’ll be sharing three transformative weekly routines that have revolutionized my work life, keeping my digital and office spaces organized and running smoothly. These routines are essential for photographers aiming to enhance their productivity, streamline their workflow, and elevate their business operations. Declutter Your Downloads Folder […]

Tame The Chaos: 3 Weekly Routines That Changed My Worklife

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Welcome to Photo Goals with Lori Pickens!  Here I’m diving deep into a topic that requires some tough love and self-reflection, “Are You Actually Sabotaging Your Success”. It all started during an interview for an online digital magazine where I was asked, “What does it take to be successful?” As I pondered this question, I […]

Are You Actually Sabotaging Your Own Success?

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Hello, friends! In the words of my fellow Swifty, Reagan Bailey, it’s another great day to be alive at the same time as Taylor Swift. As I scrolled through my phone, reveling in all the Travis and Taylor celebration videos, I decided to pivot and bring you something special. On this episode, “Mastermind with Taylor […]

Photographer Insights for Small Businesses

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photography studio equipment in a white photography studio

Welcome back to Photo Goals with Lori Pickens, your go-to source for all things photography. Today, I’m diving into the exciting realm of brick-and-mortar dreams: planning your very own photography studio. Whether you’re a seasoned pro looking to level up or a budding entrepreneur with a vision, the prospect of setting up a studio can […]

Building Your Dream: Planning Your Photography Studio

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