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Meet the Lori Pickens Photography Team

From Solopreneur to Thriving Studio: Introducing the Team Behind Lori Pickens Photography!

Building a dream photography business often starts with a solo vision, but as success grows, so does the need for a talented team! Today, I’m thrilled to introduce the incredible individuals who help make Lori Pickens Photography the vibrant, creative space it is today.

Whether you’re a seasoned client or just discovering our work, understanding the faces behind the brand fosters a sense of connection and trust. This amazing crew works tirelessly to deliver a seamless client experience, stunning visuals, and valuable online content. So, let’s meet the masterminds behind the magic!

Brenna Dean: Online Business Manager

Brenna is my right-hand lady and has quickly become my business bestie. She handles most of my online scheduling, plans my marketing messages, sends and manages my email newsletters and keeps all of my fun ideas straight and streamlined. Brenna is an amazing copywriter and a Pinterest guru.

Shiela Bonifacio – Virtual Assistant

Shiela handles my social media scheduling and a variety of other tasks that lighten my load and help keep things running smoothly.

Pamela Krista – Podcast Editor

When I first launched my Photo Goals podcast, I knew immediately I wanted to outsource my editing and Pamela has always felt like the perfect fit. She has helped me every step of the way, and helps produce the best sound quality into your earbuds each and every week.

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Pamela Krista is a podcast coach, manager, and host of The Moms Who Podcast show. She helps mom business owners start, streamline, and scale their podcasts through podcast launch and management services, and the Moms Who Podcast community.

Elizabeth Marie – Photo Editor

Elizabeth has been editing for over a year now, and is a pleasure to work with.

Amy Tran – Photo Editor

Amy edits all of my studio work and newborn sessions. She is an amazing editor, with dreamy skin tones, and a seamless studio look and quick turnaround times.

She is currently accepting additional photographers, so if you are looking for an editor, please feel free to contact her at and tell her “Lori” sent you for a free editing trial.

Addressing Editing Concerns and Transparency:

I understand some clients might wonder about the use of photo editing assistance. Here’s the deal: while I collaborate with talented editors like Elizabeth and Amy, I remain personally involved in the editing process.

I’ve invested significant time in training Elizabeth and Amy to faithfully capture my editing style and signature tones. This ensures your final gallery reflects my vision and aesthetic.

Benefits of a Talented Team:

Why outsource editing? As a professional photographer with over 14 years of experience, I believe the foundation of a stunning edit lies in in-camera excellence. This means mastering exposure, lighting, and styling during the shoot itself.

By having am amazing team onboard, I can achieve several benefits for you:

  • Faster Turnaround Times: Streamlined editing allows me to deliver your final gallery quicker.
  • Enhanced Responsiveness: This frees up my time to respond more promptly to your inquiries or any editing adjustments you might desire.
  • Elevated Service: Ultimately, this amazing team empowers me to better serve you by focusing on capturing exceptional photos and delivering a smooth client experience.

Trust me, your final gallery will be a masterpiece!

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Lori Pickens is a Mother, Wife, Tech Geek from Parkersburg, WV, and the podcast host of Photo Goals. She is a true lifelong local and has been photographing in the area for over a decade. She serves families from Parkersburg, WV to Marietta, OH. Lori is also a Click Pro Elite and Click Community Mentor. When she’s not capturing pictures or spending time with her kids, she enjoys organizing her lists and spending time on her family farm.

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