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A fairy-like lady in a mesh flowery purple gown smiles as she stands on top of a log surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees.
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Getting ready for prom is a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation. From finding the perfect date to planning unforgettable memories, the most important element might just be the dress! For Parkersburg, WV and mid-Ohio Valley teens, the search for the ideal prom dress doesn’t have to involve a long drive. Here’s a local guide to […]

Prom Prep in Parkersburg, WV: Finding Your Dream Dress Here!

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A girl facing to the left smiling with a pink background

Your senior year is an exciting milestone and what better way to commemorate this pivotal moment than with a personalized senior photo session? Whether you’re a seasoned pro in front of the camera or a little camera-shy, planning your senior session can bring up a lot of questions. That’s where I come in. As a […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Sessions


Football and Water Teen Senior Session in Parkersburg, WV
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Over the years, certain trends have captured the hearts and screens of both Seniors and photographers alike. Recently, there has been a huge emphasis on the Football and Water Photography Sessions – a trend that’s been making waves not only at Senior Sessions but also across the vibrant TikTok community. It has been so much […]

Football and Water Teen Session

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Outdoor Senior Photography in Parkersburg, WV with Lori Pickens Photography

If you’re a parent of a senior teen who may be feeling hesitant about arranging a senior photography session. You might be concerned that your teen won’t like the idea of having their photos taken and that they won’t cooperate. However, with some planning and understanding, you can make the process an enjoyable one! In […]

How to Make a Senior Photography Session Fun for Your Hesitant Teen

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coffee photography session for branding and senior photography
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Who else LOVES coffee??? We stopped in our local Starbucks in Parkersburg, WV the other day with the family, and I was shocked at how cute and stylish it was. I thought to myself it would be the perfect location for quick Branding Photos with its clean decor and modern look or a Teen with […]

Coffee’s on me…

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A young man in a blue vest and white shirt stands and scratches his neck, slightly smiling and looking away from the camera.

I had such a great first senior session with Gabe! I say the first session because I am lucky enough to meet up with this handsome young man again this fall! One of the great things about being one of my senior reps, is I give those seniors the option to split their sessions into […]

Gabe’s Senior Session

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