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Frequently Asked Questions about Senior Sessions

Your senior year is an exciting milestone and what better way to commemorate this pivotal moment than with a personalized senior photo session? Whether you’re a seasoned pro in front of the camera or a little camera-shy, planning your senior session can bring up a lot of questions. That’s where I come in. As a professional photographer based in Parkersburg, WV, servicing the Mid-Ohio Valley area all the way to Marietta, OH, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

In this post, we’ll tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about senior sessions at Lori Pickens Photography. From choosing the perfect location to what to wear, I’ve got you covered. My goal is to make sure you feel fully prepared and confident ahead of your session, ensuring we capture those candid moments and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

So, let’s dive into your senior session FAQs and start planning for your big day!

A girl facing to the left smiling with a pink background for her Senior Pictures near Marietta, OH.  She is a Parkersburg South High School student.

Featured Parkersburg Senior

The much-anticipated 2024 senior season has arrived in Parkersburg, WV, and I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start than with the vibrant and talented Hannah. A proud senior at Parkersburg South High School, Hannah’s enthusiasm and spirit were truly infectious, making her senior photography session an absolute delight. I love is how each session brings its unique rhythm and character. With Hannah, it was all about timing and personal touches. Given her busy marching band schedule, August turned out to be the perfect window to capture her senior pictures before the whirlwind of school activities commenced.

One of the highlights of Hannah’s senior session was undoubtedly the whimsical fairy wings she brought along. These charming wings added a dash of fun and fantasy to her photos, perfectly reflecting her delightful personality. As a photographer specializing in senior sessions, I understand the importance of personalizing each photo shoot to truly encapsulate the individuality of each senior. Hannah’s fairy wings were more than a prop; they were a symbol of her unique spirit and energy.

Incorporating personal elements into your senior photography session not only adds a unique touch but also makes the experience more enjoyable and memorable. Whether it’s a cherished book, a musical instrument, or even fairy wings like Hannah’s, these special additions bring a certain charm and uniqueness to your senior portraits.

Choosing a Location for Your Senior Session

Choosing the perfect location for your senior session is one of the key elements that can truly personalize your photoshoot experience. A common question I often receive from clients is whether they need to pick their senior session locations or if I can provide suggestions. The answer is both! My primary goal is to make your senior session as unique and memorable as you are. If there are places in Parkersburg or surrounding areas that hold a special place in your heart, maybe it’s a favorite hangout spot with friends or a serene location where you find peace, I’m more than happy to conduct the shoot there.

If you’re unsure about the perfect backdrop for your session, don’t worry! With years of experience conducting senior sessions from Parkersburg to Marietta, I’ve discovered numerous picturesque spots that make for fantastic photo backgrounds. So, based on your style and outfit choices, I can recommend various locations that would complement your look and enhance the overall aesthetic of your pictures. Your senior session is all about celebrating you and this significant milestone in your life. Whether we’re shooting at a location that’s close to your heart or exploring a new scenic spot, my aim is to ensure your personality shines through in every frame.

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Planning Your Clothing for Your Senior Session

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is about outfit changes during a senior photography session. The answer is a resounding yes! You’re absolutely free to change your clothes as many times as you wish within your chosen session time.Why limit yourself to just one look when you can showcase multiple facets of your personality? Whether it’s your casual style, a formal ensemble, or even a uniform that holds special significance, each outfit reflects a unique part of your journey.

I strive to make your senior session not just a photo shoot, but a meaningful experience that truly represents you. That’s why I encourage variety in your outfit choices to ensure your photographs are as diverse and individual as you are. These aren’t just photos; they’re snapshots of an important milestone in your life. So, embrace the freedom of multiple outfit changes and let’s create a collection of stunning images that you’ll treasure forever.

Hair and Makeup Services for Your Senior Session

A question I often receive regards the availability of hair and makeup services for senior photography sessions. I’m thrilled to confirm that, yes, we do offer these services!

Understanding the importance of feeling confident and looking your best during your photo session, I’ve collaborated with a wonderful team of professional Hair and Makeup Artists in the Parkersburg-Marietta area. They’re skilled at enhancing your natural beauty while keeping your personal style and preferences in mind, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best for your big day.

This service is available for an additional fee of approximately $75, which you pay directly to the hair and makeup artist. It’s a worthwhile investment that not only elevates your overall look but also adds an extra layer of confidence to your senior portraits.

Senior Mini Sessions

A questions I often receive is whether a full session is necessary for senior portraits. The answer is, it’s entirely up to you! I understand that not everyone wants or needs a full senior session. Perhaps you’re simply looking to capture a few timeless shots to commemorate this milestone, or maybe you’re planning multiple sessions throughout the year to document your senior’s journey in different seasons or to add a quick cap and gown session.

For these reasons and more, I’m delighted to offer mini sessions. These are concise, yet impactful sessions designed to cater to your specific needs. They follow the same structure as a full session but with a reduced session time and a lower price point, making them a more accessible option for many.

In essence, whether you opt for a full session or a mini session, my goal remains the same: to create stunning, personalized images that celebrate your senior year in style. So, don’t hesitate to select the session type that best fits your vision and budget.

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Join My Senior Model Team

I am taking applications for my Senior Model Team! As a Senior Model Rep, you will receive a custom photo session. Plus, you can change outfits and locations as many times as you’d like within your selected session time frame. I am happy to plan outfit ideas and session details with you, to make the session really fun and unique to you and your personality. Along with your session you will receive a fun gif and also a phone app with your favorites to make sharing and showing off your images super easy!

As a rep, you simply show off your images to your friends and tell them about me and your experience with the session. For every friend that books a session with me, you receive a $50 credit! I have had some Senior Model Reps refer enough friends to get their session completely free!

You might be worried, what if I tell me friends, but I still can’t send you any referrals? No big deal! You just pay for your session as you would any regular photo session, but you still get all the perks of being one of my reps.

Book Your Senior Photography Session

Are you looking for an award-winning senior photographer in the Parkersburg to Marietta area? I’m here to capture timeless, classic, and joyful moments that commemorate the fleeting yet priceless memories of your senior year.

My approach to photography is natural and intimate. I strive to provide a mix of traditional portraits, candid shots, and detailed images that truly capture your unique personality and special moments. Whether you’re looking for cityscapes, rustic country settings, or sports-themed backdrops, I work meticulously to find the perfect locations that align with your vision.

What sets me apart is not just my dedication to quality but also my commitment to making every session a comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable experience. This passion has led to countless satisfied clients who have lauded the quality of my work, my professionalism, and the personal touch I bring to each session. Now, booking your senior photography session has never been easier with my Self Book option. Head HERE, choose your preferred date and time, and enter the code SELFBOOK to receive a special discount on your session.

If you’d like more information or help planning your session, fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch!

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate your senior year with stunning photographs that you’ll cherish forever. Reach out today to book your personalized senior photography session with Lori Pickens Photography.


Lori Pickens is a Mother, Wife, and Tech Geek from Parkersburg, WV. She is a true lifelong local and has been photographing in the area for over a decade. She serves families from Parkersburg, WV to Marietta, OH. Lori is also a Click Pro Elite and Click Community Mentor. When she’s not capturing pictures or spending time with her kids, she enjoys organizing her lists and spending time on her family farm!

Be sure to follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest for more tips, tricks, and resources for photographers!

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