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Football and Water Teen Senior Session in Parkersburg, WV

Football and Water Teen Session

Over the years, certain trends have captured the hearts and screens of both Seniors and photographers alike. Recently, there has been a huge emphasis on the Football and Water Photography Sessions – a trend that’s been making waves not only at Senior Sessions but also across the vibrant TikTok community. It has been so much fun getting to bring this fun photography trend to the Parkersburg, WV area. I’ve embraced these dynamic sessions as part of my Senior Sport Session offerings, and let me tell you, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

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Featured Teen Football Session

When April, reached out to me with this super fun idea, I was so darn excited. Rather than doing this as a Senior Session, there was a little twist! This is her son’s last year in middle school and she wanted to do something special for him. She found us this awesome pond, let him pick a few of his friends, and we made the magic happen. The boys all had so much fun and it was honestly a blast to capture these memories for a great group of young men. 

Choosing a Location for a Water Football Photography Session

Choosing the right location for my Teen Football Sessions was an exciting in itself. With numerous local options around Parkersburg, WV, such as lakes, ponds, and serene bodies of water, we had a wealth of natural backdrops to choose from. One thing to note is that the photographer doesn’t have to worry about getting wet during the session. I come equipped with the necessary gear to capture the action from the shore, ensuring a dry and enjoyable experience.

To enhance the final images, we carefully selected a location with filtered backlighting. This special lighting not only adds a touch of magic to the scene but also makes the water splashes and the energy of the young athletes stand out vividly. During the session, we explored the surroundings, moving around the pond to create dynamic and visually captivating poses. Whether it’s capturing the essence of the game or the beauty of Parkersburg’s natural landscapes, my Teen Football Sessions promise to be memorable and picturesque.

  • Football and Water Teen Senior Session in Parkersburg, WV
  • Football and Water Teen Senior Session in Parkersburg, WV

Planning the Perfect Teen and Senior Session

At Lori Pickens Photography, I understand the importance of creating an unforgettable experience for your teenager’s session. My planning process is designed to capture their unique personality and style. It all starts with a consultation where I get to know your teen, their interests, and vision. I can help with wardrobe choices, location selection, and even props to make the session truly personal. Whether it’s a scenic outdoor setting or a cozy indoor space, I will ensure the backdrop complements their story, just like I did for this Teen Football Water Session.

On the day of the session, I’ll be working on creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, allowing your teen to shine naturally. My goal is to capture candid moments, genuine smiles, and the essence of their Senior and Teen years. After the session, we work together to select the best images for your keepsakes, whether it’s stunning prints, albums, or digital galleries. Planning a Teen and Senior Session with me means creating memories that will be treasured for years to come.

For more information, visit our Senior Info page to get started on your teen’s memorable photography experience.

Behind the Scenes: Photography Gear for Football Water Sessions

In this fantastic session, I came equipped with my trusty Profoto a2 and Clic Softbox. These tools have become my go-to for illuminating faces and creating stunning portraits. If you’re looking to elevate your gear game, you’ll find these essentials in my Amazon shop. They’ve been instrumental in capturing the magic in countless sessions, and I can’t recommend them enough for fellow photography enthusiasts.


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