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sitting baby in yellow dress and hat on white background with vases and buckets of daffodils beside her

Maximize Your Spring Season: Q2 Planning Guide for Photographers

As 2024 Q2 begins, it’s once again time for a short reflection ritual I do at the start of every quarter.

Prepping for Q2 Quarterly Planning – Grab your favorite drink, some quiet time, and your planner or calendar of choice.  

Carve out some time – whether that’s 30 minutes or a whole day – so you can answer a few questions about what went well last quarter, where I can make changes, and what I want to prioritize next quarter.

It helps me keep a big-picture focus on not only what’s urgent, but what matters. And the time spent on this reflection is always time well spent. (Specifically, it helps me celebrate my wins and feel gratitude for the impact I’ve made. But it forces me to prioritize what’s on my plate so I don’t overbook myself.)

Here are five questions for inspiration:

  1. What went well? (I like to include revenue numbers or KPIs here)
  2. What didn’t go as expected, or what do I wish had gone differently?
  3. What would success look like at the end of next quarter (3 months from now)?
  4. What are the most important work projects & promos this quarter?
  5. What are the most important priorities outside of work this quarter?

List your biggest wins from the past quarter.

As high achievers, we tend to focus on what didn’t get done rather what we’ve actually accomplished. It’s good way to balance that out by listing these three to five accomplishments from the last few months.

Start by reviewing your goals for the past quarter – go ahead and write them down and determine how far you got. What percentage was completed?

Next take a moment to identify what worked last quarter and what didn’t work especially as it relates to achieving your quarterly goals.

Decide what you will keep doing because it worked, what you will improve because you can likely do it better, what you’re going to start doing because you think it will help you do better, and what you’ll stop doing because it just didn’t work.

The goal is to incrementally get better at achieving your quarterly goals, because like anything else goal achievement is a learned skill.

Next step:  review your annual goals.

I like to make 8-10 goals for the year, and focus on 2-3 specific goals each quarter. You’re going to want to take a look at each of your goals you have left for the year.

Is there’s anything you’d like to revise? It is ok to let go of goals that are no longer serving you or change them based on new knowledge or priorities that you have.

Now do a calendar review focusing on the big rocks:

  • major events
  • major deadlines 
  • major products 
  • (and this one is so easy to leave out) rejuvenation time or self care

The quarterly preview is an opportunity to get your head above the daily blizzard of activities and see where you’ve been and where you’re going.  It gives you a chance to be a little bit more reflective and look at your goals, your systems, and processes so you can always be your most productive self.

Marketing Trends for Photographers in Q2 (April-June)

As we head into Q2, the spring season brings fresh opportunities for photographers. Here are some key marketing trends to be aware of to capture new clients and grow your business that grow in popularity during April, May, and June (Spring/Early Summer):

1. Embrace the Outdoors:

  • Spring Themed Photoshoots: Highlight the beauty of spring with outdoor mini-sessions featuring blooming florals, soft light, and pastel color palettes.
sitting baby in yellow dress and hat on white background with vases and buckets of daffodils beside her
  • Engagement Sessions: Spring offers beautiful backdrops with blooming flowers, soft light, and vibrant colors, perfect for capturing romantic engagement photos.
  • Family Sessions: Families enjoy spending time outdoors during spring. Photographers can offer sessions that capture the natural beauty of the season and the joy of families reuniting after winter.
  • Maternity Sessions: Spring provides a lovely setting for maternity photoshoots, with the blooming flowers and greenery symbolizing new life.
  • Senior Portraits: Spring is a popular time for high school seniors to schedule graduation portraits. Photographers can offer outdoor sessions with scenic backdrops.

Special Event Sessions:

  • Graduation Sessions: As spring coincides with graduation season, photographers see an increase in demand for individual and group graduation portrait sessions.
  • Mother’s Day Mini Sessions: Mini sessions with a Mother’s Day theme can be a great way to attract clients looking for a special gift for their moms

Additional Considerations:

  • Weather permitting: Always factor in the potential for unpredictable spring weather when planning outdoor sessions. Be prepared to offer backup options or reschedule if necessary.
  • Local Trends: Research local trends and events happening during spring. Offer themed mini-sessions or packages that capitalize on popular local activities or festivals.
  • Highlight Your Portfolio: Showcase your past spring photography work prominently on your website and social media platforms.
  • By understanding these popular session types and tailoring your marketing efforts accordingly, you can attract new clients and maximize your bookings during the spring and early summer months!

I hope you guys all have a fabulous Q2!


If you are a local client interested in booking a Spring Mini Session please reach out to me today and we will get you on the calendar.

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