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Artificial Light and Film: Photography Tips

Our film challenge on the Click Community forum this month was artificial light, so I pushed myself to shoot finish off my last roll with all things other than natural light, and I’m so glad I did. I honestly don’t think I would have taken these shots if it wasn’t for the creative push of our theme and my amazing photo friends!

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This image was taken on a Nikon F6 on Portra400 film (rated at 200), developed at Richard Photo Lab.

The entire room was dark with the exception of the star lights, and then I had my son hand-hold my Profoto B10 with the grid, above the tent on the right side of the camera.

The camera settings were pretty similar, but for the first image the power of the profoto was turned up higher. Pretty cool how you can adjust it so easily. Which do you prefer?

If you’re little princess would love this tent, you can find it on Amazon here: Princess Tent with Star Lights


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