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Walkers Milestone Photography Session Parkersburg, WV

Walker’s Milestone Photography Session

There is something magical about milestone photography! All parents feel the same thrill of capturing and celebrating those milestone moments with their children as they grow. This 6 month milestone session has been absolutely amazing. As a photographer based in Parkersburg, WV, I have been honored to be able to help families capture these special moments for decades. Especially with sweet little Walker Texas Ranger themed session for Walker – who doesn’t love cowboy boots and hats? Milestones are an important reminder that our kids are growing, but the sessions give us a chance to capture those little details which will bring smiles and laughter years down the road. That’s why milestone photography is so impactful, and why it’s such an honor for me to be present in these beautiful memories!

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How to Make the Most of Sitter Sessions

Sitter milestone photography sessions hold a special place in my heart! They typically bring happy and interactive babies who can sit up on their own yet can’t run or walk away. For the second half of this session, we moved the party indoors for a cute cupcake smash to celebrate this little guy’s half birthday. It was such a milestone-worthy moment that I’m sure he will enjoy looking back on for years to come!

The Importance of Milestone Photography

Milestone photography is such a unique way to capture all the milestone moments of your baby’s life! You can make milestone sessions even more special by setting up a fun and creative theme. Although I no longer have my studio, I still use my backgrounds and floor drops in order to set up cute little themed sets like this one, suitable for milestone sessions. This way, clients are able to choose between various locations and sets that will capture their special milestone memories. This balloon arch was created by my friend Allison of Blessed Balloons, who added an extra touch of color and life to this milestone session with it. While the balloons encompass a fun atmosphere, they also keep the focus on this sweet milestone moment where he was tasting his cake for the first time!

Milestone Photography Session Ideas

Having professional infant and child milestone photography sessions for your tiny ones documents all the unique moments from their first few years of life that can never be recreated again. Don’t let them slip away! Capture those precious smiles, giggles, and one-of-a kind looks. Don’t forget to commemorate the transitions like a newborn session, first birthday plus cake smash, or going off to kindergarten with a cap and gown. Every event is so special that it deserves a high quality photograph as a forever keepsake. From infant ‘watch me grow’ photos at regular intervals to natural posing or imaginative props – these images are like pieces of artwork that together tell the story of your little one’s life so far.

What to Expect at Your Milestone Session

When you plan a milestone session with me, you can expect lots of fun! I’ll work with you to find the perfect location and help curate ideal family outfits and capture what matters most to you. Each milestone session is tailored and unique, so no two are alike! On the day of the session, come feeling relaxed and rested, for I will be there early to ensure everything is set up accordingly. My job is very hands-on – from providing fresh batteries and plenty of ideas, to having a good laugh with your family! Let’s make these milestone memories together – it’s going to be special! The biggest thing is to do is make sure that your little one is well rested so we can have a fun and happy experience.

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For Photographers: Milestone Photography Gear

I shot the entire session with my 50mm. Sometimes with mini sessions, especially with little ones, simplicity is best. Often times, babie wear out quickly and you have a small window to really cash in on all those smiles and happy mood. Keeping the session simple, and using one traditional lens, like a 50mm, can make things go smoothly. For variety, I simply “zoom with my feet” aka move closer or further away as needed, instead of fussing with swapping out lenses or gear. 

I also have a whole collection of fancy flash equipment. Profoto, Alien Bee, and Godox Lights… the truth is all of them can produce quality results. The main thing for me is ensuring I have a large enough softbox, to create those big, gorgeous catchlights in the eyes.

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