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The Listening Place Business and Branding Photography Session Parkersburg, WV

The Listening Place Photography Session

I love getting to work with local business, and the important work that this non-profit organization does for children in our community make it extra special. For this Business and Branding Session in Parkersburg, WV, I was able to go to the Listening Place and help them update photos for their impactful work.

The Listening Place Staff, Parkersburg, WV Business and Branding Photography

“The Children’s Listening Place is a safe, child-friendly facility where child protection, criminal justice, and child treatment professionals work together to investigate abuse , hold offenders accountable, and help children heal. In the darkest moments, The Children’s Listening Place creates a safe environment for children to tell their stories and begin their path to healing.”

Business and Branding Photography Sessions

I had the pleasure of doing headshots for the team members to use on their website, and also some group photos of the staff. It’s a balancing act, because they work they do there is often serious, but they also want to make themselves feel like a fun, safe place that kids can feel comfortable.

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Elevate Your Business with a Business and Branding Photos

Investing in business and branding photography is a great way for business to communicate their company’s values through quality visuals. Quality headshots of leadership and staff help potential customers make connections with the business, improving customer relations. Group photos present company culture and stability, which increase business credibility with clients. Photographs of the facility also help portray a business in the best light; from product to services offered, these images help build trust between business and customer. Quality business and branding photography is essential both inside physical stores as well as digital marketing across social media platforms. By investing in business and branding photography sessions, businesses have a strong chance at successfully showcasing their business, acquiring more customers and increasing business growth within communities both in person and online.

Ways to Utilize Your Business and Branding Photos

For my business and branding clients, that often don’t need a print credit included with their sessions, I offer social media graphics, videos or gifs like this one.

Location and Lighting for Business and Branding Sessions

It works best for me to go to their locations for shoots like this, where all the staff are available. Overhead lighting at office buildings is not usually great, and they don’t have large windows for great, natural light. This is no big deal though with the proper gear. With the right lights, props, and tools, no-one would know that the lighting was not optimal.

Photography Gear for Business and Branding Sessions

For groups this size, I can usually make it work with one Profoto Light above and at a 45 degree angle with the group, and I will bring a reflector or small continuous light to use on the other side as fill if needed. Some of these were taken in smaller office spaces, that force me to use my 24-70mm lens.  I love the transform tool in Lightroom to really make sure those wall lines are straight and not distorted from a wider angle lens.

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