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Parkersburg, WV family photo session inder trees

Thomas Family Session

I had such a great time with this sweet little family during their Family Photo Session. With three young boys, there’s never a dull moment, but I am here for every minute of the tickles, dinosaur talks, and never-ending energy. The older two boys, pretty close in age, reminded me so much of my twins when they were younger. (When I do family sessions, it isn’t an unusual sight for me to play and laugh with your children and make the experience fun for everyone!)

Thomas Family Photography Session Parkersburg Washington WV Family posing in their backyard with sunlight

Family Photography Session Location

This family session took place in the family’s own backyard. This is a great way to create an atmosphere that the children are already comfortable and safe in, which makes the photography session that much more relaxed, authentic, and candid! So you can guarantee, that I am on board coming to you during your family session.

I believe in fun, candid moments, but also really strive to get at least one good picture with everyone smiling and looking at the camera. This can be tough with littles, so I often go into that type of setting assuming that I’m going to do some head swaps.

What to Expect During Your Family Photography Session

Once you have reached out and scheduled your Family Session, the fun begins. Planning! We’ll cover everything from planning a location, discussing the ideal family outfits, and the important moments you’d like captured, and then from there, you’ll have the day of! All you have to do is relax and make sure the kids and yourself are well rested (as well as possible). You’ll find me the day of keeping an eye on the weather.   I’ll also be at your location on time, with fresh batteries, extra memory cards, and a head full of ideas and inspiration.  I’ll be there to laugh with you, keep everyone engaged and happy, and capture memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.  

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Family Photographer Session Tip

Pro Tip for Photographers: Do yourself a favor and plan for that ahead of time by making sure you get lots of images from the same spot, try not to get closer or further from the family, and do not change your angle towards the family either up or down. This makes swapping out faces or people much easier and looks much more authentic. I will also even pull mom or dad out if I am having trouble getting one little one to smile. I have one parent stay in the same spot with the little one, and have the other one get right on top of my head and do whatever makes them laugh the best. Especially for babies or young toddlers, sometimes moms and dads are simply best at making their kids react.

Making the Perfect Family Picture with Headswaps

I also really like to reassure mom or dad during the session, that I am great at head swaps. Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty darn good at them and that’s why they are hiring a professional. I would rather spend a little extra time editing in post-production than stressing the kids or parents in the moment, trying to get everyone to pose perfectly, at the exact same time. This also has nothing to do with the child’s behavior or willingness to cooperate. I promise, even as well trained as my own kiddos are, 95% of the photos I have of them together include a head swap. Even if they are looking at me the whole time, there are often times that Cohen will have a better smile at the beginning that tends to fade off by the time I finally get Haven to look at me and smile. I would rather just have the best of the best, for that ONE photo and it’s worth the extra effort, and I believe my client families deserve that too! <3

Family Photography Session Gear

For my photography friends, I shot most of this session with my 50mm and 70-200mm. I love the compression that the 70-200 provides, and it’s also great for those little moments when you want kids to interact with mom or dad and gives me some space away from that loving moment, so they aren’t distracted by my presence. I often switch to my 50mm, when I need to go in closer to give the family prompts or try to get the kids attention or make them laugh.

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