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circular prism effect to make Christmas pictures look magical

Magic of Christmas Lights and Circular Prisms

This might be a new favorite portrait of my sweet girl. Who else plays with circular prisms and fairy lights the whole time you have your tree up? The holiday season is officially here and it is time to get festive (and creative). I hope you can find some inspiration to take your photography to the next level this Christmas and that you find some awesome must have gear. Be sure to grab my code for LensBaby below and stop by my Amazon Store for the BEST PRICING this holiday season.

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How to Create Circular Prisms in Your Photos

This image was taken with my Lensbaby Twist60 and a circular prism (super cheap on Amazon and so much fun to play with!). Use code wPickens to save 10% on your LensBaby gear! It is still early in the season, so you have plenty of time to play and practice and perfect creating this effect. It adds such a magical feel to the image.

As mentioned above, you’ll want your LensBaby Twist60, a circular prism, and pretty Christmas lights. Here is what my handy dandy circular prism looks like! Again, they are super cheap on Amazon and are easily my favorite tool to make magical effects that leave me nostalgic for the holidays and a winter wonderland.

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The Editing Process to Create Successful Circular Prism Effects

Here is a little before and after with Light Room edits, duplicating the layer and flipping, and then cloning the side.


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