Lori Pickens

I wanted to share one of my new favorite images of my girl.

Edited Silhouette

It’s from our trip to Panama City Beach, FL back in August 2021

I edit out the other people on the beach!

I don’t edit them out of EVERY picture we take… but I do for any images that I really love or know I want to feature in our photo albums. You can also make it a little easier on yourself by following these couple of tips:

  • Pick a composition that minimizes the know of strangers in your frame
  • Make sure that the other people are not directly touching (or in the background touching) with your main subject. Editing out people in the background is much easier if you don’t have to be overly careful with your edges.

So you can get the full picture… here are the straight out of camera, raw images that I combined and edited to make my final image.

I edit my image in the Adobe suite – most workflow processing happens in Lightroom Classic, but I will pull images into Photoshop to do any fine tune editing.

If you have questions about my editing style or would like to watch me edit or even show you how to edit your images. I offer private mentoring sessions that can be customized any way you’d like!

One-on-one mentoring – Ask Me Anything

I did happen to notice the birds in the same setting as my daughter playing and was able to capture that image to add, but if you don’t and love the balance and detail they add, I highly recommend Twyla Jones Aero presets

This image was taken with my Nikon D5 and 24-70mm Nikkor lens. You can check out all my favorite equipment in the What’s in my bag section.

Photographer Resources

I have a few tools in my toolbelt that will help you grow to be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be!  Whether you are prepping to be a ClickPro Elite or you are just ready to start leveling up and making new goals, check out these resources to help you grow!

The Click Community

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Fearless Indoor Light – a Self-Paced course

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Film Challenge

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