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A collage photograph of a young boy dressed in an Under Armour hoodie standing in tall grass and looking at the camera.

Can I Edit Analog Film Images?

A question I often get asked is whether you can edit film images. The answer is yes! I get my digital scans back from Richard Photo Lab and basically run them through the same workflow I do for my regular images. I import into Adobe LR to rename the files, and then do any editing/tweaks I need there or open in PS if I need something a little extra. They aren’t a raw image, so you don’t have quite as much wiggle room to adjust exposure or that type of edit, but the lab has usually done such a great job with my scans, that my film images usually need less “fixing” than my DSLR images.

My favorite Portra400 film is just amazing at dreamy skintones.

Edited Analog Film Image of Boy in Field

For these images, I extended the frame slightly on the left to frame him better, and removed the Under Armour logo, because I have some OCD about logos and distractions in my frame.
Below you can see the before and after of my edit

Edited Analog Film Image of Boy in Field

Shot on #portra400 with the #NikonD6 and developed at #RichardPhotoLab

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My boys both love these Under Armour sweatshirts. I love that they are easy to clone out the logo, so he gets the “cool clothes” and I can easily still have the timeless photos that I want. If you want to check out the sweatshirt, you can find it here: Under Armour Black hoodie

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