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A boy in a robe stands at the bathroom doorway as if posing for a fashion magazine.

Robe and Slippers

Cohen has always been our robe kiddo. That’s just his go-to comfort outfit around the house. When I walked in one morning and found him ALSO wearing my slippers, I ran for my camera!

One of my favorite tips for indoor lighting (especially when overhead lights are really your only option) is to use a light in the adjacent room! Overhead light immediately becomes nice sidelight and often it’s as simple as opening a door.

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If your kids love to be super comfy too, we LOVE this soft fleece robe. Sawyer has the same one in blue. You can pick them up on Amazon here: Kids Fleece Robe

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I have a few tools in my toolbelt that will help you grow to be the photographer you’ve always wanted to be!  Whether you are prepping to be a ClickPro Elite or you are just ready to start leveling up and making new goals, check out these resources to help you grow!

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