Lori Pickens

15 Month Old – “Newborns”

Anyone that knows us well, knows that our babies do not sleep well at night, and haven’t since the day that they were born. In an effort to improve this situation, we have very strict nap rules and night routines. One of those rules, is that there is no napping after 3:30pm. Most of the time this works well, and with the boys converting to one nap during the day isn’t usually a big deal. Well, church happens to be right in the middle of their normal nap time, so Sundays throw everything off. Today the boys barely got a half hour nap earlier in the day, so they were struggling in mid-evening. Around 4pm, Cohen came over, climbed up in my lap and snuggled in. I knew this was trouble for the nap rule! It wasn’t very long before he was out. I figured I would let him take a 15 minute power-nap and then wake him up, so after the allotted time, I took him over and laid him on the floor. Usually this does the trick, but he was still snoozing, so I took out his binky. Cohen is a binky boy, and some nights we are constantly putting that binky back in his mouth because it falls out and he wakes up. Not this time! So I look at my sweet sleeping boy, and think, “Well, I might as well get some pictures of him sleeping, especially since I didn’t have that distracting binky in the picture.” So I got out a blanket, and did a few simple poses and different angles.



He was still sleeping away, so I thought I would try posing him in his chair. Super cute, and still no signs of waking. What else can I put him in….?



I saw a newborn shot earlier today on Pinterest where the basket was turned on it’s side, so I thought I would try that. He let me pose him and everything.


Then I thought to myself, “This would look even better with a wood floor backdrop.” So off I went… And finally I came up with this.




After I had my shot, I tried to do “the pose” where you prop the head up on their hands, and he finally woke up. At this point, I look over and my mother-in-law is holding a now sleeping Sawyer. He couldn’t live up to the no-nap-three-thirty rule either. She had been watching all of my antics with Cohen, and we both kind of look at each other and smile. She knew exactly what I was thinking and said, “You want to try this one now???” Of course I did! He let me pose him freely too. I had two seriously sleepy babies!



So don’t ever let a photographer tell you your baby is too old to get a few sleepy, newborn poses. My boys are clearly proof of that!

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