Lori Pickens

Sawyer Sleeps


Today I decided to do some night-time sleeping photos of Sawyer. So I got out my flash light app and setup some shots. He’s actually been doing a lot better at night sleeping. I’m proud of my little boy.



Side shot of my sweet sleeping boy…



For the pictures, I thought about clearing out his crib, so the photo would focus more on him, but it just didn’t seem right to photograph him without his blankey. He loves to chew on the strings or twist them between his fingers. It’s one thing that I think has really helped him learn to go back to sleep on his own. At night, we curl it around him, so whichever side he rolls over to, the fringe is right there for him. The photo just wouldn’t be the same without it…



If you are interested in taking sleeping photos too, I have to recommend this article by Click it Up a Notch: How to Capture a Sleeping Child – it has some great tips in it!

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