Lori Pickens

Sawyer goes Poo Poo in the Potty!


Tonight, my 15-month old son went poo poo in the potty! We haven’t been actively potty training or anything like that. You see, my sons tend to poop in the bath tub every night. Most of the time it is Sawyer, but if he doesn’t Cohen will take up for the slack and get the deed done. Seriously, almost every day for the last two weeks! Well, Sawyer makes it very clear when he is about to. He stands up, squats and grunts. Well, we got out the potty chair and just started moving him to the potty when he gets “into position”. It took a minute or two to convince him it was OK to sit on it, but then he relaxed and finished his business.



I know my son is no where near potty trained, but I think this is a huge milestone, and I am one proud mama tonight!

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