Lori Pickens

Drone shot of the red maxi dress

The Travelling Dress Collective

The Red Dress Project

Have you heard of the Travelling Dress Collective?

11 artists. 2 continents. 3 countries. 8 states. All connected by 1 dress…

The journey of the red dress is a culmination of the creative hearts and minds of 11 talented women.

Over the span of 1 year, the dress has quite literally seen history in the making. It is the thread connecting 11 lives around the world in a time when we are otherwise so incredibly isolated.

My Experience

created by dji camera

My main vision for my image was a shot taken on a cliffside with my DJI Mavic Air drone. 

There is an old abandon road that is no longer used, that has easy access but looks very rustic from the top.  I loved the long shadow lines behind me, and the red of the dress added the perfect pop to the grassy cliff.  

It felt eerily strange to be on the side of a cliff all by yourself but oddly connected at the same time to this amazing group of women through this traveling dress.  

I noticed this harsh light coming streaming into my bathroom as I was getting ready for my drone outing, and had to stop and take an image.  

Self-portraits can be so empowering, and I feel like this image embodies both the bright bold side of us that wants to stand out and be noticed, but also the shadowed side that feels more safe and afraid of the judgment that the light brings.    

I still had the dress the next day and loved it so much, I decided to capture a quick and simple self-portrait with my son.  I loved the vibrant red with an otherwise neutral gray color palette.  The image was captured with my ice light with barn doors as a narrow light source.  

I always treasure images captured with my children, and I hope they are as special to them when they grow up.   

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