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Sawyer – Evolution of a Photo

You may notice from my last couple of posts, that I LOVE window light. When you are stuck inside during the winter, natural light from a window is your best friend! We are lucky enough to have big windows all throughout our house, even in our basement. I noticed the light coming in the window was really nice this evening, so I thought I would setup a little photoshoot for Sawyer.

This is the first shot that I got. It’s cute enough; nice lighting, but I thought I could do better. Plus I wanted to get a little further back, so the image had some leading lines into him and you could see the scene a little better.



The problem was, he kept trying to come after me. I even gave him my lens cap, which was used in the first photo to get his attention. Not only was it making it hard to get the picture, but he’s also sitting in a window sill that I really didn’t want him to fall out of.



I had the idea to get a small ball. Sometimes we like to play a game where I put it in my mouth and act like it’s stuck and then eventually spit it out at them. Sometimes you have to get silly to get the shot you want, usually the sillier the better! Plus, he knows that I’m eventually going to shoot it out at him, so he sits still for a minute to wait for the ball to come at him – allowing me to get a little further back for the shot.

Now this one I was pretty happy with. He thinks his mom is hysterical and it’s a little better angle than before, but still not quite perfect.



A little more coaxing with the ball and I got this! He’s more relaxed in this pose, and he’s smiling but not mouth open laughing. All are nice photos that I’m glad I have, but with a little extra effort you can work to get it just right. Don’t get frustrated when your little one doesn’t immediately cooperate with your ideas, sometimes you have to get creative. Thanks Baby for putting up with all you mother’s antics.



If you want to find out more about using window light or how leading lines can help your images, I recommend reading The Unexpected Everyday– she’s gives a quick recap of both and ways that you can try them out.

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