Lori Pickens

My sick boy – Cohen


Poor Cohen had a fever of 102+ all night long. You could just tell that his little body felt miserable! I think his daddy stayed up all night just watching him sleep and taking his temperature every half hour to make sure it didn’t get any worse.

He doesn’t have much of an appetite, so while Sawyer finished breakfast, I let him down to wander around. He opened the blinds himself to look out.

Photo tip: Look for leading lines in your photos – they add depth and movement to your images.



He’s had the fever for going on 48 hours now, so we decided to take him in and have Dr. Patel look him over. Everything looked good, and his ears and throat were clear. Cohen weighed 24 lbs 10 oz. He still seemed pretty wore out at the doctor’s office, but he perked up a little bit when they gave him a sucker as we were leaving.



Later in the afternoon, his fever finally came down and he started to act a little more like himself. Bubbie was sleeping, so I let him wander around the upstairs for a bit. He loves looking out the windows.



I’m not sure what in the world he was looking at out there, but he had a lot to say about it!



Glad you’re starting to feel better Little Man <3





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