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Silly Sawyer and Sick Cohen


We hadn’t been down in a few days, so we went to Grammy and Pap’s house to visit today. Sawyer plays so intently sometimes – he seems to shut out the world around him.



He also loves to play peek-a-boo. This is him hidding behind his book. He loves for you to say, “Where’s Sawyer…?”



Dad setup a pillow under the window in the front room so the boys can go over and look out any time they want. They love to watch the neighbors walk their dogs or just see what’s going on out there – especially when they are cooped up inside on cold winter days.



Cohen has been running a fever for a day or two – poor little guy just isn’t himself. It was getting close to the end of the day, and I realized I didn’t really have a photo to document how Cohen was feeling for my P365 project, and then I remember this article I read on Click it Up a Notch about Capturing a Sleeping Child in Photos I thought I would give it a try. I LOVE what I captured!!!

My sweet little Cohen – his body finaling resting for the day. His fever always seems to get worse at night, so I am grateful for any calm and peaceful moments that he can have…



The room was dark for these pictures because I obviously didn’t want to disturb him. My cell phone has a flash light app that I used. I didn’t shine it right on his face, but instead on the pillow in front of him to just light up his face slightly. She has some other great tips in the article, so if it is something you want to try, it’s definitely worth the read: Capturing a Sleeping Child in Photos



Sleep sweet Little Man <3

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