Lori Pickens

Katie’s Baby Shower


Today we went to a baby shower for Katie and Baby Addy. It was a very nice shower with good food and fun games. Plus, Katie and Wayne got lots of stuff to help them prepare for their new arrival.




You may see the picture below, and think why did she take so many pictures of the same onesie? Well actually this is the same onesie that Katie opened three different times. Baby Addy’s future Aunt Leslie bought it for her in three different sizes, so she will always have one as she grows. I’d say it’s fair to say that her Auntie does love her!



I know that one of these days when I arrive at my baby shower, I will be watching for a pretty like box like this one?.



Because inside of it, you will find precious little things like these. Nathan’s Grandma Hess (GG to the great-grandbabies) always crochets the most beautiful little outfits and matching blankets. I have now had the pleasure of seeing three little girls receive these boxes and the wonderful items inside of them, and they were all absolutely precious!


 And to close out the post, a picture of Baby Addy’s Aunt Jen, Mamaw, Mommy, and Aunt Leslie. Baby Addy is going to have a lot of beautiful, loving women in her life.


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