Lori Pickens

The Hovatter Family


Earlier this week, I mentioned that some of Grandma Reber’s family came in for a visit. The plans started with Grandma’s nephew Michael and his wife Nancy. Once we all found out that they were coming, three of Grandma’s sisters also decided to make the trip. It was so neat to see Grandma and her sisters together. Plus, I know it meant a lot to Michael that they all came in to see him. Of course I took the opportunity to get some pictures of the whole gang together.

Here is Michael and four of his aunts.



I also got one of the sisters together. Lined up in age order from youngest to oldest, we have Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Betty, Aunt Kate, and my Grandma (Juanita). It would have been so neat if Mary Lou could have made it too.



I like this one of Bonnie loving on her big sister.



And then finally one of the whole gang. Kate’s granddaughter Heather drove down with her. Heather was a lot of fun. I can remember visiting them when I was little, but it sure was fun to get to know each other all grown up.


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