Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


Man this week has just flown by…

1.) Small group picnic. We had the small group picnic on Sunday. Just kind of a church dinner with some fun games to kick off the Fall small groups. Just for anyone who doesn’t know, a church small group is basically just what it sounds like. On Sunday or Wednesday nights, we break into small groups to do a fellowship and bible study. It’s just kind of a fun way to learn and also get to know some people at the church a little closer in a more intimate atmosphere. By the way, our small group – the young adults – totally kicked butt in the obstacle course race. I will have to try and get my hands on some picutres from that… it was pretty funny!

2.) Mom and I went to Brianna’s wedding on Saturday. It was a really pretty ceremony and reception. Patty and Alan rode with us, and Patty is always a ton of fun to be around!

3.) Closing. Our land closing has been postponed. There is some committee that we have to get approval from and they don’t meet again until October 7th. So our new closing date is October 9th. Not a big deal to wait another week, just a little disappointing.

4.) Michael. My grandma’s nephew Michael and his wife are in town for the weekend visiting. Grandma doesn’t speak to her brother, Michael’s father, for various reasons and therefore hasn’t seen or talked to Michael since he was a very young child. A year or so ago, Michael found out that he had all of these aunts and cousins that he really didn’t know much about. He started looking them all up and reconnecting. He scheduled this trip so he could come in and meet us all. He and his wife are so sweet, and it has been a wonderful time getting to know them.

5.) Purse party! Tonight Mom and I went to Debbie’s purse party. I found some awesome designer purses at a fraction of the cost. They are fab-u-lous!

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