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Josh and Kyla

I had such an amazing day! Today, Josh and Kyla were having their first-round of engagement pictures taken, and their photographer, Mr. Crookshanks, said he would be happy for me to tag along.

I should probably explain that Mr. Crookshanks was the assistant principal at our high school, and thus why I keep referring to him as “Mr.” Crookshanks. For the record, his first name is Chuck, but I doubt you will ever hear me refer to him that way. Just force of habit, I guess. 

Anyways, we had so much fun. Kyla has become one of my closest friends over the last year, so combining the fun we have together with my love of photography and you can see why it was such an awesome day. We started at Kyla’s grandparent’s farm house and took pictures there, the pumpkin patch, Fort Boreman hill, and a random alley behind some storage buildings. The storage building place was Mr. Crookshank’s idea, and it actually turned out to have some cool backdrops. Although Mr. Crookshanks was their “real” photographer, he let me take turns setting up a shot and actually shooting several of the pictures. It was so much fun to bounce lighting ideas off of one another and figure out what we needed for the shot. I learned a lot from the day, and I am so grateful that he gave me the opportunity. I’m still sorting through all the pictures I took with my camera, but here are some of my early favorites.











More to come… I promise!

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