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Five on Friday


Well another week has come and gone. Every time I have posted a blog entry this month I still enter the date with 2009-09-, apparently I still haven’t adjusted to it being October already. I really need to start writing my Five on Friday ideas down, because all week something will happen and I think to myself, “That would be a good Five on Friday entry.” And then Friday gets here, and I sit at my keyboard going, “Now what happened this week???” All goes by too fast! Anyways, here’s what I do remember…

1.) Justin and Heather have been in Florida all week. They fly home tomorrow. It sounds like they both had a good time, and I know Pap is lovin’ his fancy new drive-way and big flat screen TV – both courtesy of J.D. that’s what Pap calls Justin, just in case you didn’t know

2.) Hornor and Harrison was hosting some kind of WVU ultimate fan competition, and apparently Bryce won! Someone sent in a picture of him all dressed up, face paint and all, and they selected him as the ultimate Mountaineer fan. He won tickets to tomorrow’s WVU vs Marshall Game and a whole bunch of goodies from their WVU shop. I haven’t seen the actual winning photo, but I had this one in my archives. I think you can see the Mountaineer intensity in his eyes.



3.) Josh and Kyla are having their engagement pictures taken tomorrow, and Mr. Crookshanks (their wedding photographer) said he would be happy for me to tag along. I’m pretty excited about it.

4.) I just remember why this week seemed to go by so fast! Holiday week, duh! We had Monday off for Columbus Day, which was nice to have an extra day to rest up on the weekend.

5.) In addition to meeting with contractors and trying to get things figured out with the new house, we’ve been pricing and picking out some of the items that will actual be in the new house. Wayne-Dalton has this cool feature on their website where you can upload a picture of your house and try out different garage doors on it to see what they will look like. Here’s an example of what we’re thinking we like.



And for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet…that is the house we picked out. The colors may be a little wonky because it is a crappy online picture, but it gives you an idea.

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