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Creating Informational Content: Blogging for Photographers

Hey there, photographers! Let’s dive into the incredible world of blogging and uncover how it can transform your business. Now, I’m not just talkin’ about sharing fluffy content with pretty session images. We’re here to harness the true power of blogging – creating epic, informative posts that not only captivate your audience but also work wonders for your search engine rankings! I’m a huge believer in the magic of blogging and the SEO benefits it brings. But before you start thinking about blogging every single client session and drowning in fluff, hear me out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showcasing those stunning images from your sessions, but let’s be real – we can do more with our time and potential.

So, let’s chat about the real deal – creating amazing informational content. This is where the magic happens. By consistently delivering valuable knowledge, you position yourself as an expert in your field. Think about it – becoming the go-to photographer for advice, inspiration, and all things awesome. Your clients and future clients will flock to you, eager to tap into your wisdom. Blogging is your secret weapon to level up the client experience. Instead of just showing off your impressive portfolio, use your blog as a platform to answer common questions, share insider tips and tricks, and offer personalized guidance. It’s like giving your clients an all-access pass to your expertise, making them feel seen, heard, and truly taken care of.

Now, let’s talk SEO. Blogging is a game-changer for your website’s visibility. By strategically incorporating relevant keywords in your posts, you’ll soar up the search engine results. And what does that mean? More eyes on your work, more potential clients discovering your talent, and more business rolling your way. Blogging creates a space for photographers and clients to connect, engage, and build meaningful relationships. Encourage comments, ask thought-provoking questions, and foster a sense of belonging. You’ll not only gain loyal followers but also gain valuable insights that shape the future of your business. Bid farewell to fluff and say hello to epic informational content that sets you apart. Get ready to supercharge your photography business, serve your clientele better, and attract those dreamy future clients. It’s time to work some serious magic!

newborn session prep guide with newborn on cover.  This is an image that is highlighting information content creation when blogging for photographers.

NICE Blogging for Photographers

When it comes to blogging for photographers, it’s crucial to strike a balance between your main website URL and targeting niche keywords.  You’ll want your main website URL to target your main keywords and then leverage individual pages or blog posts to hone in on specific topics of interest (target your niche keywords). I was taught to think of the acronym NICE when planning out informational discover pages.  This method will help you narrow down your focus, include relevant keywords, create engaging content, and emphasize your expertise. By incorporating these elements into your blogging strategy, you’ll not only optimize your SEO but also attract a wider audience of photography clients.

N – Need: What do your clients need to know?
I – Interests: What other interests does your target audience have?
C – Common Questions: What are common questions from your clients?
E – Emphasize: What areas of your business do you want to emphasize?

What Do Your Clients NEED to Know?

When you are creating a blog with informational content, it can feel a bit daunting as to what to post. When we go through the NICE method, you’ll be able to identify exactly what your clients are looking for. Let’s walk through some examples…

If you are a newborn photographer, your clients might NEED to know things like:
– What is the best timeframe after a birth to take newborn pictures?  
– Are there tips for preparing for the photo session?  
– Should parents bring props with them or not?

Blogging as a photographer can be fun and easy, especially when you know your content is helping your clients and bringing visibility to your website!

What Are Your Target Clients’ INTERESTS?

When you are blogging as a photographer, you can even think about topics that are outside of your photography services.  If you are a newborn photographer, what are things that might interest someone BEFORE they are looking for a newborn session.  

– Maybe an article about local maternity yoga classes.  
– Tips on “newborn safety” during shoots may be interesting to new parents and can also set you apart as an expert in your field.  

What are COMMON questions from your clients?

As a photographer, you are going to get recurring questions from your clients. You can turn these questions into content that will help them find the answers before even having to ask, which in turn makes for an elevated client experience. What are frequently asked questions that you get about your services?

– How long does a session normally last? 
– How soon can parents expect to receive their images after the session? 
– Do you offer props or outfits for the session? 

Again, these types of information can not only increase your SEO standings, but it helps to build trust and authority for your brand, and also can help bring you more well-educated clients that can cut down on the back and forth conversations needed. Informational content is especially important when blogging as a photographer, because search engines are now prioritizing helpful content.

What areas of your photography do you want to EMPHASIZE?

Do you provide a type of session or imagery that is distinct or unique?  What sets you apart from your competition? When you’re blogging for your photography business, this is a great opportunity to showcase YOU!

As you answer these questions and create content, keep your keywords in mind. It is also important to be open to using new keywords as you brainstorm. Even if you think you know your audience well, there may be pages that you think will be popular that don’t generate much interest, and vice versa. When writing your content, have the keyword planner open in another window. Small changes in the phrasing of your keywords can make a big difference in how well your content performs. For example, the keywords “San Francisco Wedding Photography” and “San Francisco Wedding Photographer” are very similar, but they will likely attract different audiences.

Growing Your Photography Content

You can also provide this type of information as a lead magnet.  Maybe the client isn’t ready to hit submit on that contact form or feel they are still in more of a “information gathering” stage.. you can offer resources like what to wear guides, session prep information, tips on choosing a location, etc.   By providing these as a download, in exchange for their email, it allows people to obtain the information and digest it when they are ready and also gives you a way to follow up to see if you can “help” in any other way.  

This type of content can be created for almost ever niche or type of photography.  Feel free to share some ideas below or if you have great information articles that have performed well for you.  Here are some I have on my senior page, as additional inspiration:

A series of opt-ins and guides as an example of what to post when you are blogging as a photographer.

This doesn’t have to be an all at once process.  Put some time on your calendar each week (what gets scheduled, gets done!)  to brainstorm or start writing and article at a time.  This is also something you can outsource or even utilize AI to help you draft an outline for.  

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