Lori Pickens

Five on Friday


Another busy, busy week…1.) Grandma and Pap sent us a Happy Halloween card. Even at 26 it’s just nice to get little suprises from your grandparents. 🙂

2.) Happy Anniversary to Justin and Heather! My brother and SIL celebrated their 3rd Anniversary on Wednesday. We love having Heather as part of the family, and the two of them just make such a nice couple. If you see them this week, make sure you wish them a Happy Anniversary.

3.) House for Sale. So far the response to the house for sale is going really well. We have had about a half dozen phone calls, we showed it to someone yesterday, and already have a couple of appointments to show it this weekend. We are certainly still a long way from having it sold, but it feels good to know we at least have some interest in this economy.

4.) Avail. Our small group officially has a name – “Avail”. Melanie did some research and looked up a bunch of words relating to helping other and service, and all of the things our small group is hoping to stand for. Several times in her search, she came across the word avail and decided it would be the perfect name for our small group, and I have to agree. Plus it sounds better than, “The Young Adults group.” Besides it’s basic definition, we are using AVAIL to stand for A Volunteer Act in Love. And just since Melanie loves them so much, here is a Thesaurus web bubble with the definition of avail.

5.) Tonight, our small group, Avail, went to Judgment House. Judgement House is a dramatic walk-through presentation about the truth of people’s choices and their consequences both in this life and the next. It was really awesome. I’m pretty sure they do it every year, so if you get a chance to go next year – do it! It will definitely make you think about your choices in life and the importance of knowing where your heart is with God. You can read more about it here.



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