Lori Pickens

New house – Decisions


I’ve been getting several questions about the new house ever since I posted this blog entry and mentioned that the colors were a little wonky, so I thought I would come back and add a few more details about what we have picked out for the house.

This is the picture online with the closest representation of the colors we are going to have:



This is what we are using for the front exterior of the house. It is a cedar shaker style, but is actually a vinyl. We saw them on another house, and they are really pretty.



Here is a sample of all the colors. I know it is kind of small, but ours will be the one called Natural Cedar. It’s kind of a brown/gray color.



I *think* this is what we will be using for the stonework. It’s really hard to tell from that little sample, but again we have seen it on an actual house, and we’re pretty sure it will look nice with the Natural Cedar shakes.



Hopefully that will give you a better idea of what we’re shooting for with the outside look of the house. I’ll be sure to share more details about the house as we make decisions.

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