Lori Pickens

Trick or Treat


Happy Halloween!!! We had a wonderful evening, and of course I spent it following Faithers around snapping away. She was sooo cute! This year she was a little police girl.



I told ya she was cute! Her mommy and daddy were her prisoners. I love that Wes and Tara dress up with her and always have a family theme. The back of their costumes said, “Parental Correction”



Tara straightened Faith’s hair for the evening. We all couldn’t get over how much it changed her looks. Doesn’t she look like a completely different little girl? Definitely makes her look older.



It took her a little while to get the idea of what Trick or Treating was all about. The first few houses she was a little timid, but she said “Trick or Treat” and always said thank you. After the first house or so, we would explain, “OK, let’s go to the next house and get some more candy.” We were trying to get her to realize this was the process and what she would get as a reward. She looked up at me and replied, “Mamaw has a bucket.” I seriously laughed out loud! She’s such a smart little thing. Well despite the fact that she was right, and Mamaw did have a bucket of candy at her house, we convinced her to keep going, and after awhile she started to really like it. When she would get back to the end of the driveway after receiving her treats, she would say, “Next house?” So on to the next house we went.



We didn’t trick or treat the entire time, but we did go around one block in Bethel, which is actually pretty good for a two-year-old. After we got back, she and I were sitting on Mamaw’s kitchen floor, and she was showing me all of the goodies she got. She would slowly take out one item at a time, hold it up for me to see, and say something in amazement with a big smile on her face. It’s like she was just discovering, “Wow, look at what they were putting in my bag!” So much fun!



I posted all of the pictures from the night here. So be sure to check out the gallery for more.

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