Lori Pickens

Busy Day


Today was a busy day. Exhausting in fact. I went to bed last night with so much anticipation and hope in my heart. As we were laying in bed last night, I said to Nathan, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if by the end of tomorrow we had the blinds ordered, the concrete guy selected, an answer from Sherwin Williams on the paint, a ship date for the furniture, and DJ started on the yard?” I’m an optimistic person, so I really thought there was a chance that would all happen, and for the most part a lot of it did.

We met with Candlelier at lunch and went over some final numbers and options, and then met up again at 6pm to sign the contract and put down a deposit. We ordered blinds for the family room and dinnette. They said we could have blinds as early as next week, but sometimes with the motorized ones it can take two weeks.

We selected a concrete guy for the back patio ? two in fact. Apparently, two of the guys we had bid on the job are actually really good friends, and they decided to do the job together. I think we got a really good price and now we have the expertise of both of them. Mike stopped by this evening to show us the mat he is planning to use. It’s a little bit different than a traditional stamp because it just add more of an overall texture, which is actually what we were looking for. We saw this patio at a home in Richmond, VA and really liked it. We are going to have it stained as well. Mike said that he and Troy should be able to get started on the patio next week, which should work out timing wise for the yard.



We still don’t have an answer from Sherwin Williams. Hunter came out to see the paint on Thursday, and said that he would have to talk to his boss when he came back in on Monday. Unfortunately, when we talked to him this evening, he still couldn’t tell us anything, but said that his boss was working on it and would let us know more tomorrow.

We didn’t hear anything about the furntiture today. I will probably call tomorrow and just see if they were given a delivery date. She said their delivery trucks run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so we will just have to see where our shipment falls.

DJ did come out tonight and started to mow our yard. He mowed the entire right side yard, but then got his tractor hung up in the spring that runs along the back of our yard. They spent a good while trying to get it out, and eventually did an hour or so later, but by then it was starting to get dark, so he has to come back tomorrow to mow the rest.

Clair and his crew are also working in the basement. They are getting things framed up and starting to work on the wiring. This is the downstairs bedroom with a closet in the back.



There are a few places in the basement that will have lower ceilings because of the duct work.



I was kind of bummed when I saw a few of them, but after looking things over well, I think Clair made the best of it that he could. The main living area will still be 9′ ceilings.



It was 9 o’clock before we finally stopped meeting with people, answering questions and signing contracts. I guess I felt like having decisions made would make me feel better about things, but all it really did was remind me how many different things we are trying to juggle at once.

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