Lori Pickens

Family Room Furniture


This evening we ordered furniture for the family room. It’s actually been a lot harder living here without than I thought it would be. I guess it just feels so temporary since you can’t ever just sit down and relax some where. We decided to go with the furniture from Wieser and Cawley. It works really well with the paint color and the floor, and it was a good bit cheaper than the ones we picked at Pottery Barn. The furniture is made by Ashley Furniture; the style is called Lena Putty. It’s kind of brownish tan color with a texture.



We spent a lot of time measuring and trying to decide which pieces we wanted in that room. Originally we thought we wanted two couches, two ottomans, and one chair. This couch is actually pretty big, in fact it is 100 inches long, so we just weren’t sure if that would close off the family room. It wouldn’t do us much good to have an open floor plan if we closed off the rooms to where you had to completely walk around the furniture to get into the room. We also played around with the idea of getting a leather chair. I liked the combination together, but it brought up the question of, “Do you get an ottoman to match the chair or to go with the couch?” We are people who use the ottomans a lot, so we wanted the option of moving it between the two. So in the end we decided to get: one couch, one loveseat, one chair, and two ottomans – all in the Lena Putty. I think this should give us some pretty good options for arrangement in the room.



The chair we got is actually called a chair and a half. I think orginally Nathan wanted something that reclined, but after sitting in this thing, he decided it was pretty comfortable on its own.



Jules at Wieser and Cawley said that there’s a chance we could get the furniture as early as beginning of next week, but it would depend on which day they had room for it on their truck. *Here’s hoping we actually have a place to sit next week.*

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