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Alayna Senior Session Parkersburg West Virginia with Lori Pickens Photography

Alayna’s Senior Session

It should seriously be illegal to be this pretty! I love Alayna more than I can even say. Her whole family, and especially her mama are incredibly special to me, and I have loved capturing several milestones and special memories for them over the years. It seems like just yesterday that I did Alayna’s Sweet 16 session and now she is a Senior! Take a look at her incredible senior session, learn how to plan yours, and check out the new gear that I got to use for this.

Alayna Senior Session Parkersburg West Virginia with Lori Pickens Photography

Outdoor Senior Sessions

Given the beautiful colors and temperate weather, spring and fall are the busiest times of year for senior photos in West Virginia. With all of that natural beauty, going outdoors for my Senior Sessions is a must in my opinion! Alayna mentioned she wanted to take some of her photos in a creek. I love this idea because it not only provides a beautiful backdrop but because it gives us lots of opportunities to be playful and creative. When my client’ schedule their sessions, I am always happy to help plan and find the perfect locations to make the experience personal and of course, a lot of fun!

Planning Senior Sessions

Since I have been capturing milestones for Alayna’s family over the years they are very familiar with the process but for those who are new to scheduling sessions or are starting to plan an upcoming session, it can be a little overwhelming. I always make sure that the process is seamless – so everyone is relaxed and having fun, so I can capture candid and raw moments! Once the senior session is scheduled, I am here to help you find the perfect locations, and the best outfits to rock your session, capturing what matters the most to you. That way we can showcase your personality and the memories of this in your lifetime.

Alayna Senior Session Parkersburg West Virginia with Lori Pickens Photography

The Day of the Senior Session

The day of your Senior Session shoot is always exciting! Your job is to say relaxed. I always tells my clients that their focus should be getting themselves pampered and do whatever makes them feel confident and ready to rock their session. My job leading up to the session does include watching the weather, being at the location early with fresh batteries, extra memory cards, and a head full of inspiration and ideas. Unless you have poses you JUST HAVE TO HAVE, part of my expertise is posing and I can guarantee you’ll be laughing and confident through your session.

If you’d to like book a session with me, click here.

Lori Pickens Photography Senior Reps

One of the perks I offer to my Senior Reps is to split up your senior session over different dates or times of the year. I love not only that this gives my clients extra variety and looks in their gallery, but also allows me to really get to know these amazing young people in an important year of their life. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Senior Rep for me (must be local/near Parkersburg, WV) you can inquire here.

Alayna Senior Session Parkersburg West Virginia with Lori Pickens Photography

For Photographers: What’s In My Bag

For my photographer friends who read the blog… this was my FIRST session with my new camera!!! I upgraded my beloved Nikon D5 to the mirrorless z9 when I was at Click Away. I still love my D5, and it is an amazing camera, I really needed two go-to cameras since I shoot once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings and other special occasions. I will say even though I have used the z9 with my own kids, I was a little nervous taking it to a client session, and even packed my D5 in the car… just in case.

The session turned out beautifully. I am still using an adapter since I haven’t purchased any new z Nikon lenses yet, but so far so good. I felt like my 70-200mm had a few focusing issues, but I think that was more related to how close I was to the subject. The 70-200mm is great for creek sessions because I can even stand on the bank and get some great angles and shots. My other main go-to lens for this session was my 50mm. I also love using my Lensbaby Omni wands and prism for some added fun and depth on senior sessions.

If you are interested in grabbing any of this gear:

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