Lori Pickens

5 Week Ultrasound

Today was my 5 week ultrasound. The good news is the baby is there and it is in the right place. Although it appears that there are two gesational sacs, Dr. Shockley thinks the smaller one is actually a cyst. At my appointment, just less than 3 weeks along, we saw on black cirlce that was 4mm big. Three weeks is just crazy early to be able to see a gestational sac. I was pretty much convinced that my baby just knew that he/she should start off by cooperating for pictures 🙂

The fact that there is now one 6mm sac and still one 4mm sac, leads Dr. Shockley to believe the smaller one is a cyst.



Even though my hCG levels went up faster than expected, he still said it was consistent with a singleton pregnancy.

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