Lori Pickens

I have waited 100 days….


This is a layout I did about our Trying To Conceive journey.

Journaling reads:

On the Baby and Bump forum that I frequent there are tickers and different things that you can sign up for. You can include them in your signature, so that other readers can see at a glance a quick summary of your Trying to Conceive journey. I happened to look down at mine today and saw, ?I have waited 100 days.? I don?t know exactly why, but it hit me pretty hard. I know in the grand scheme of things 100 days is not that long. There are ladies on my forum that have waited years, and yet when we started trying I never thought that I would be sitting here 100 days later still wishing for a baby. With endometriosis and only one fallopian tube, we never really had that casual not-trying-not-prevent phase. My journey has been 100 days filled with temping and charting, 100 days of ultrasounds, prescriptions and follicle studies, 100 days of watching what seems like everyone around me getting pregnant. I read a post on that same forum recently where a woman was talking about how precious her time of waiting actually has been. She talked about how sometimes God uses that time to put a true longing in our hearts, and I have to say she was exactly right. Although I would love to be told today that I was pregnant, even though I pray every month that that ticker won?t have to continue to show me a bigger number each time I log on, I have to say that I am grateful for the time God has given me for this desire to grow in my heart. I know that I want a baby; I know that I am ready to have a baby. I know that when that little one is finally placed in my arms that I will love it more than I could ever imagine, and I know that moment will be sweeter because of everything that I have been through over the last 100 days.



Papers – In Love kit by Agnes Biro
Journaling frame – To Date by Gennifer Bursett
Numbers brush – Today by Karla Dudley

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