Lori Pickens

Waiting at the gate


I’ve really embraced the idea of lifestyle photography lately. The boys are growing up so quickly, and I hate to think that all of these little details are going to some day be forgotten memories. So as part of my P365 project, I try and capture all the little details that I want to remember. When we moved the boys to big boy beds, we installed gates at each of their doors – to keep them from wandering around if we don’t hear them or sleepily falling down the stairs. I love the look on their little faces, when they wake up and come stand at the door and yell for Mommy and Daddy!

So… I decided one day after nap, to try and capture these sweet little faces waiting at the gate. Cohen always wakes up first. We’re lucky if he naps for an hour or so, where Sawyer is usually closer to two hour naps. So I positioned my step ladder and camera outside of his door and waited to hear him get up. By the time I was to his room and in place on my step ladder, this was the face that I got!


Note that this was not the sweet, sleepy little face I had hopes for. It was more of a “Seriously Mom! The camera again! Just open the gate already…!” I think he gets this look from his father – hehe

Oh well, I still had another baby that hopefully would fulfill my “gate photo vision”. I took Cohen downstairs, got him a snack and then went back up to move my ladder and camera to Sawyer’s room. Cohen door has much better light, so I had to adjust my settings and then wait. What I got was better than Cohen’s but still not quite what I was hoping for… More of a confused, what are you doing look. He, like his brother, got mad at me for delaying his exit.


Luckily it was offset by his rememberance that he forgot “Pie” in his bed. He went back for his yellow strainer, and then he was ready to get out of there!


I haven’t given up though. These were taken with my 50mm lens, and I think an even wider angle would be better. I also have to figure out a way to take the shot without irritating my subjects in the process. Hopefully you will see my waiting at the gate – Part 2 post one of these days….

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