Lori Pickens



Well, we officially found out today that we are expecting TWINS! The shock is still setting in, but overall we are just overwhelmed with excitement.

Honestly, we should have suspected it. When I went in for my 5 week appointment, we saw to things that looked like gestational sacs, but since they saw the one soooo early, Shockley and the ultrasound tech said they thought it was just a small cyst. Well that small cyst now has a fetal pole and heart beat <3

Our second clue was my hCG levels. They are supposed to double every 48-72 hours. Mine more than trippled every 48.

Nathan said he knew it was twins already. I guess I was in denial since Dr. Shockley seem so sure that it was a singleton.

Baby B was way up in the corner of the sac. I actually had to hold my breath and hold super still just so she could count the heartrate.



Baby A, on the other hand, was out in the middle and easy to see. Maybe we have one shy one and one out-going baby. Knowing Pickens kids though, I can’t imagine either of them being shy for long!



Baby A’s heartrate was 117
Baby B’s heartrate was 106

I am currently at 6 1/2 weeks, but am already measuring 11 weeks!

I’ve started researching everything that I can about twins – how to keep them healthy and deliver strong babies, what all we need two of, how we prepare to handle two newborns at once! I’m happy to have any and all advice you have on raising twins! I thought I was prepared for one baby, but this has certainly thrown me for a loop!

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