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Evan’s 8th Birthday


Evan came in town this weekend, and we all had the pleasure of celebrating his 8th Birthday with him. I love that sweet little face more than he will ever know! And seeing how when his mom asked what he wanted to do for his birthday, and his immediate response was, “Go to Parkersburg!” I’d say the feeling is pretty mutual 🙂

Little man loves whales and sea creatures. I can totally see him as a marine biologist some day! When I called to tell him we were on our way over he kept telling me how huge his cake was. He was pretty excited for us to see it.



Poor Michelle. As if giving birth on your birthday isn’t enough, she now shares her birthday with her very cute and lovable son. She never seems to mind though. Each year when I call I try to remind her that it’s her birthday too!

Considering the twins due date is only about a month after mine, and assuming twins typically come early, I’ve already said they are NOT allowed to come on September 16th! One, that TOO early. And secondly, I don’t even believe in working on my birthday, letting alone pushing two people out of my body. Please take note of this babies 🙂 For your momma’s sake, please wait until October!



Once again, I have nothing to say, but poor Michelle! Evan thought if he blew out both of their candles that meant he would get both wishes! The kid is pretty competitive (aka his father’s son!) so he made sure that happened.



Evan then opened the gift from his mom and dad. I’m pretty sure this means he liked it, but it’s hard to tell from his lack of excitement (wink, wink)



And the celebrating continued!



Happy 8th Birthday Little Man~!

And a big Happy Birthday to Aunt Michelle too! We love you both very much! Best two things John ever did…. 🙂

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