Lori Pickens

Tara’s Bday and Max Jenga


Tonight we finally got a chance to celebrate Tara’s birthday. I say finally because her birthday was actually August 12th, and obviously it is now September. Regardless of when it was though, we all had a good time. Jeanie fixed homemade pizza, and we all just spent the evening hanging out.



For her birthday, Bryce got Tara the new game Max Jenga. It has the same concept of regular Jenga, take a piece and add it to the stack without making it fall down, but with more variety to where you can put them.


You continue to add pieces off of three different arms and make some pretty crazy shapes. The center is held up by a magnet, so if you get too much weight on one side or get the ring off balanced it will fall down.



I think they made the game a little bit too easy though, because even the first time they played, they were able to get all the pieces on the ring without knocking it down. We started making up our own rules to make the game a little harder. The boys even tried to see just how crazy of a design they could make


Even Faithers got in on the fun! With a little help from Uncle Nathan of course….


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