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My two favorite little buddies


Nathan left for Roanoke today, and I miss him already! The only good thing about today is that I have both of my two favorite little buddies to keep me company. That’s right, both of them! Faith’s daddy is also playing softball this weekend, so I got to keep Faith all day while her mommy was at work. This also happened to be the weekend that Evan and his family are in for a visit. So I had both of them to hang out with and keep me busy. Talk about cuteness overload… or is it double trouble…


Actually the two of them got along really well. Evan was very patient and gentle with Faith, and Faith basically just thought everything Evan did was hilarious. Mom and I took them to Burger King to play in the play area for awhile. They had a great time there. They would both climb out to the clear part of the tubes and yell down to us. Faith loved it! She would wave down at me so excitedly. Seriously too cute!


They both got toys with their meals and hats to play with. What can you say, monkey see monkey do…


I was actually really surprised at how well Faith did climbing around. She could pretty much get through the whole course except for one little part that I would go up and help her with. Evan was really good about waiting for her and making sure she got to the next turn OK. I’m not sure he always liked how slow she was, but he never went off without her. He’s such a sweet little thing. Faith has never been one of those ‘I can do it myself!’ kids. She’s definitely independent and has a mind of her own, but she also knows her limits. Anytime she is at a step or something she knows is too big for her to climb up, she will stop, reach up her little hand, and sweetly say, “Help me.” I heard this phrase several times inside of the Burger King tunnels, and each time Evan would obligingly come back and help her. One time I heard her say, “Pull me.” And after a few grunts and strains, I heard Evan reply, “You’re as heavy as an ox!” Mom and I just burst out laughing.


I love this next picture of Faith for some reason. She just up there checking out the world.


We all had a great day, and it was a lot of fun to see the two of them interact together.

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