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Supper on Sunday


Despite being super busy, we have been trying some new recipes lately.

Garlic Chicken Farfalle
I found this recipe online, and I loved it! If you have ever eaten at a Brio (we frequent the one at Easton Town Center in Columbus, then you know they have some amazing pasta dishes. This recipe was the closest that I have ever come to making something similar at home. It was really good! Nathan wasn’t quite as big of a fan, but then again he doesn’t really care for cheese sauces, so that doesn’t surprise me. You can check out the recipe: here.



Next we have Pork Chops with Country Gravy and Mashed Potatoes. I found this recipe online and decided to give it a try. I even made my own gravy from scratch, so I was pretty proud of myself. We’re not big pork chop fans, but I thought I would try it just for something different. Overall it was pretty good, not a household favorite, but something new.





The next one is actually not a new recipe for us, but one of our favorites that I don’t think I’ve ever shared on my blog. These meatballs are really easy to make, and I think they taste delicious. Nathan got the recipe from someone awhile back. Basically we just get a big bag of frozen meatballs from Sams. We put that in the Crockpot along with some grape jelly and Kroger’s Ketchup with a Kick. We normally mix the grape jelly and Ketchup with a Kick ounce for ounce. So however much jelly you use, make sure the Ketchup with a Kick adds up to the same amount. We usually cook them on high for about 6 hours, and they are good to go. We took them to our church small group this week.



This post has made me realize I really need to work on my food photography skills! I promise the pork chops actually tasted better than they look here…

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