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Moaning on Monday


Here are some of the things bugging me right now…

Most of you have probably heard me talking about my obsession with Slimfast Optima Cookie Dough bars. I don’t care if they are made by Slimfast, they are awesome, and I am addicted. Occasionally Kroger’s would sell out of them which was inconvenient, but they would eventually restock, and I typically had a stockpile to get me through the rough patches. Well, the other day my mom went to the Slimfast section at Kroger’s and saw a “Closeout Sale” sign under my beloved bars. Not knowing exactly what this meant – she bought all they had. And God bless her for it! Since then we have found out that it was in fact a closeout sale, and they are no longer carrying them. Kroger’s is probably the place I shop most often because it is so close to our house, but is by no means the only grocery store around. So for now, I didn’t panic and just planned my next trip to Walmart. Standing in the Walmart aisle I was saddened to find that they no longer had a Slimfast Optima section at all! I called the CVS close to our house and asked if they had them, “We no longer carry those,” was the response I got. There are a few other places in town that I want to check, but at this point I’m not holding my breath. I got online to do some searches just to see what my options were. When I searched on Walmart’s site, this is the message I received: We found no stores within 100 miles of 26101 that carry this product. Do you know how many Walmart’s there must be within 100 miles of here! And none of them have them!!! I have found some random stores online that appear to still have them in stock, and I’m beginning to think this may be my only choice. If you are one of my local friends or family, and happen to see them in a store, please call me immediately, or better yet buy them and I will pay you back! This is what they look like:



Rereading this post, I realize that I might sound a little obsessed, some might even say crazy, but it has now been about three days since my supply ran out. And desperate times call for desperate blog entries!

In addition to no longer carrying my cookie dough bars, Krogers and Walmart have both also decided to never have my orange drink that I like so much. I’m beginning to think this is a conspiracy to stop carrying any of the products that I love.

My third and final complaint is with Apple Jacks. As you may or may not know, I have a few OCD traits. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but just a few things that I like to have a certain way. I have red and blue Fiesta ware plates, and I like to have them in alternating colors – when they are in the cabinet and also when they are in the dishwasher. The clothes in my closet are organized in categories by type, and then subcategories by colors – frankly it just makes things easier to find. And finally my Apple Jacks. Back in the day, Apple Jacks were one color. Your bowl was filled with nice pink Jacks with little red dots on them. They were nutritious and delicious just the way they were. Well apparently someone decided that wasn’t good enough, someone decided that they also had to be colorful. So they added green Apple Jacks. I don’t like them. I know they taste the same, but I liked it better without the green ones. So, I’m now forced to eat all of the green Apple Jacks first, and when that is done I can enjoy my regular bowl of nice, normal red Apple Jacks. And if that wasn’t enough, and as if I wasn’t still adjusting to the idea of green Apple Jacks, I pour myself a bowl the other day to find this



Are you kidding me? I kind of understood the idea that apples can be red or green, so they made Apple Jacks red and green, but blue!?! Where did blue come from? When did they start making blue apples? And don’t even get me started on the fact that they are triangles instead of circles!!! So I am now forced to eat all of the blue triangles, and then all of the green circles, and then I can finally enjoy my precious, original red Jacks. Frankly I find the whole process exhausting and will probably just buy Captain Crunch next time. I’m still holding out a little bit of hope that this crazy blue triangle thing is a phase, and that they will come to their senses and put it back to the way it was.

Whew! That was a lot of typing, and if you actually read all of that, well you deserve something special. Too bad all of the stores have stopped carrying my Slimfast bars or I would reward you with one!

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