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Supper on Sunday


It has been quite awhile since I have done a Supper on Sunday post. You may think that means that I’m not cooking, which is partly true, but mostly it just means that I haven’t made anything new or exciting to share with you. This week I managed to find some new recipes to try and share though.

First, we have Baked Flounder. We had some frozen flounder in our freezer that needed to be eaten, so I went online and found this recipe. I’m not much of a fish person. Nathan can eat whole sardines by themselves, gag, but I’m going to need something to distract me from the actual fish taste. The cracker breading and a little bit of parmesan cheese seemed to do the trick. I also like to make them with some kind of noodle (I like those quick and easy Pasta Sides, so I have something else to help disguise the fish taste. Overall, this was a pretty good recipe.



Next we have Chicken Bacon Ranch. I found this recipe after clicking on a link from my friend Jen’s website. If you’ve never been to Kevin and Amanda’s website, you should definitely check it out. They have all kinds of cool things! My favorite is their awesome handwritten fonts – perfect for journaling on scrapbook pages. And now I found out they have a cool recipe section too. They walk you through everything, with lots of pictures. The chicken bacon ranch recipe was really good! Definitely one I recommend trying.



They even recommend sides that would go nicely with the meals. Something I’m still working on figuring out – so I really like that they included stuff like that.


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