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Five on Friday


My week in review…

1.) This week has flown by! It felt like we were constantly on the go. So needless to say today, I’m pretty exhausted. A fact Nathan pointed out that I have told him about five times in the last hour. I can see with all the house planning stuff, I had better get used to weeks like this. Fun stuff… just lots of it!

2.) My Play is the exultation of the possible layout was selected as one of the digital weekly challenge winners. Woo hoo! Some free shopping coming my way! You can check out the full announcement here

3.) I got my flu shot this week. I’m hoping it helps. They sent out an email at work reminding us how to help prevent the spread of germs and what we can do to try and stay healthy. The email told us to assume that everyone is sick and to practice social distancing. So if someone sneezes in our office, we spray them with Lysol and tell them to go home. So far, I’ve had to spray myself twice.

4.) Go Team Go. This week my friend Gen “with a G” was hosting a challenge over at 2Peas. She challenged us to create a layout using a black and white background, only black, white or gray elements, but a color photo. At first the whole all black and white idea kind of worried me, but I actually really like how it turned out.



For credits and more info, please check the scrapbooking section.

If you want to see all of the black and white entries, you can find them here.

5.) Land owners! We closed on the land today, and we are officially the proud new owners of four, beautiful acres. I had big hopes of including a picture of the two of us, arm and arm, smiling with big, goofy smiles standing in front of our land with this post. Unfortunately though, it poured down the rain today! Like buckets or rain! So maybe it won’t be on the day that we closed, but fear not – I will get my big, goofy grin photo. 🙂

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