Scrapbook Saturday

Scrapbook Saturday

Here are some of my recent scrapbook pages.

What happens at Mamaw’s

Journaling reads:
Some smiles are so big, they could only have been caused by a Mamaw

What happens at Mamaw’s stays at Mamaw’s



What happens at Mamaw’s Credits:
Template – Sample Pack 20 by Chrissy W
Papers and Elements – Petals and Wings by Daybreak Scraps
Drop shadows – Subtle Shadows by Jen Martakis

And I love Lori too! 

The above journaling reads:
We were all sitting down for dinner one evening, and Nathan and Faith happened to be the first two at the table. As they were sitting across from one another, Faith looks up and says:

Faith: “Uncle Nathan, do you love me?”

Nathan : “Yes, I love you very much. Do you love me?”

Faith: “Yes? and I love Lori too.”

A half hour or so goes by?.

Nathan: “Faith, do you love me?”

Faith: “Yes, and I love Lori too.”

Another couple of hours go by, and we are all now out in the family room playing, and out of curiousity Nathan asks again.

Nathan: “Faith, do you love me?”

Faith: “Yes, and I love Lori too.”

Nathan just laughs and shakes his head.

The below jornaling reads:
Faith ? I adore the fact that you think Nathan and I come as a package set, and I’m very glad that you are such a big fan of your Fun Aunt Lori, but it’s OK with me if you want to give Uncle Nathan his own I Love You once in awhile.



And I love Lori too! Credits:
Papers and elements – Unconditionally by Daybreak Scraps
Template – Family Reunion Template Set by Simply Scrappy
Drop shadows – Subtle shadows by Jen Martakis

Loving you is easy to do



Loving you is easy to do Credits:
Solid papers – DigiKit – It’s a hoot solids! By Michelle Underwood
Pattern papers – DigiKit – It’s a hoot papers By Michelle Underwood
Elements – DigiKit – It’s a hoot Page kit! By Michelle Underwood
Word art – Affectionate by Carina Gardner
Drop shadows – Subtle Shadows by Jen Martakis

Christmas Joy 2009

Wordart says:
The Christmas season brings more joy than any other.



Christmas Joy 2009 Credits:
Template – Christmas Magic – Quickpage Album By Karen Funk
Word art – Christmas Magic – Digital Elements By Karen Funk


Journaling reads:
I love that inquisitive look on your face. Any time you hear a noise you don?t recognize or see something new, you give us that look. You constantly want to understand and learn new things. I hope you always have that inquisitive nature about you, and continue to really take in the world around you.



Inquisitive credits:
Template – Winter/Holiday – Photoshop Templates By Karen Funk
Number overlay – Make it count by Karen Funk
Flower button – Friends for life by Karen Funk
Pink wreath – Friends for life by Karen Funk
B/G paper – Simply Girly by Karen Funk
Pink flower paper – Simply girly by Karen Funk
Splatter – Remember when glitter (recolored) by Karen Funk
ABC black paper – Elementary by Karen Funk
Drop shadows – Subtle Shadows by Jen Martakis



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