Lori Pickens

Patio Frame


Today a couple guys came out and framed in the back patio. We knew the general size and shape that we wanted, and we had marked it off with spray-paint, but that can still be tough to get when you are actually framing it in. You will be able to walk out the basement double doors onto the patio, and we are planning to have stairs from the deck that come down onto the patio as well. There will be a strip of landscaping between the retaining wall and the concrete patio.



This is a view of the shape from above the retaining wall. It’s right around 1000 sq. ft. Plenty of room for entertaining and corn hole. I think we have decided that we are going to put the fire pit further out into the yard and then have some kind of walkway that leads from this patio out to the fire pit area, but that is all plans for some time down the road.


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