Lori Pickens

Basement Drywall


Larry has been working on finshing the drywall in the basement. He has just about all of it hung at this point. The hole you see on in the ceiling on the left-hand side is where they are still working on fixing the hardwood floor above it. We have a small place in the family room where the wood has raised up, and they are attempting to pull it down from underneath.



Our other dilema in the basement is with the plumbing in the bathroom. The wall between the bathroom and the bedroom was actually supposed to be several inches to the left according to the plan, but it was brought straight out from the corner. Overall this isn’t a big deal ? the bedroom is a little bit smaller and the bathroom is a little big wider than the plans show. The problem arose when we noticed that the shower’s air vent was in the middle of the room and not inside the wall. The shower drain is now off center as well, but that is easier to workaround than the vent pipe. We are exploring several options including but not limited to making a false wall in the bathroom, putting the entire shower unit on a platfrom with the piping below, capping off the vent pipe and not using it, building a bench into the shower to accommodate the pipe. Correcting the wall’s placement is really not an option, since the entire thing is already framed, drywalled, and wired and would also include adjusting two doorways, two light switches and overhead lighting. I know in the grand scheme of things this may not be a big deal, but it is just one extra item added to my stress list. I’m just a person that likes things done right, and it bothers me to know the wall is in the wrong place.


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