Lori Pickens

Our Stateroom


This was our room for the week. It had a king sized bed, so it wasn’t exactly small. Not shown in the picture below, we had a closet on the left side and the bathroom off to the right. Our room had no windows. The travel agent talked us into a cheaper room by saying, “You’ll hardly spend any time in there, so it’s really not worth it.” Which was true, but it still would have been nice to have some kind of window. One morning we slept until 11 and had no idea!

Oh, and the TV swivels out, so you can watch it from the bed.



They had these maps all over the ship, so you could figure out where you were. I marked where our room was with a black dot. As you can see, we were the very front of the ship.



This was the door to our room. You can see that our room was actually on the front part of the tip, where the sides start to curve in. The door straight in front of me was actually a storage closet.

The ship was so large you could never really even tell you were on a boat. There was no swaying or motion sickness of any kind. The only time I knew we were on a boat was one night when I woke up and our whole room was shaking. I was pretty convinced that we had hit an iceberg! Nathan explained that we had reached our port and were docking the ship. Either explanation works, I guess.


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